“Be an Eagle Not a Seagull”

TEDx Speaker & WE DAY Champion, Savvy Simon is a global Positivity Powerhouse. Titled a “Kickass Canadian” and one of Canadian Livings Top 40 Female Change Makers, Savvy is changing the world with her message of ‘Positive Vibes Only.’ With a following of over 45,000, Simon is a rising social media star.

She is an educator, entrepreneur, activist, mentor and entertainer, who is shaking up the world, to embrace positive social media as a force to eliminate barriers and engage diverse audiences of all ages.

Creator of the #SpeakMikmaq, Savvy has revolutionized the movement to keep indigenous languages alive. Utilizing social media and her positive vibes, Savvy was able to engage thousands, from all walks of life, to learn Mi'kmaq and help her create a YouTube playlist for Educators to use in their classrooms. This language revolutionary from the Mi'kmaq tribe of Elsipogtog First Nation in New Brunswick, has enabled universities, high schools, & colleges to use her videos as part of their curriculum. Encouraged by her work, the language hashtag movement has been adopted and emulated by an increasing number of tribes throughout North America, with 'Savvy' ways of using social media to indigenize our language online.

With a newly acquired degree in Business Marketing, and a secure public servant career in hand, Savvy did the unthinkable, she let it all go and went after her dreams. Stepping out of the comfort zone, she embraced her passions and created her company; Savvy UnLtd- with a mandate of 'unlimited love to give'.

This powerhouse woman has taken the words ‘Positive Vibes’ to a whole new level. With her ‘Repeat After Me’ video having more than 3 million views around the world, Savvy has people of all ages and backgrounds, re-evaluating their positive vibes and the language they use with themself. She also brought home the message that ‘Today is a Good Day, to Have a Good Day!’ Changing the world one FREE HUG at a time, embracing elementary children to government officials, Savvy uplifts everyone the moment she walks into the room.

Savvy routinely inspires people around the world, being sought after, and working with the likes of superstars Buffy St. Marie and Dolly Parton. A prolific YouTuber and frequent contributor to Twitter and Instagram, Savvy has created an enviable online community with @savvyunltd.