There Are No Closets in Tipis

Riveting, captivating, real, insightful, grounded, illuminated are just a few words to describe Jack Saddlebacks presentation of his life as a Cree Two-Spirited Champion. Jack’s life story embodies how one man’s spirit can help transform a community as well as individuals. We all need his message of self awareness, identity and embracing our authentic self. Jack Saddleback is a true gift to our society; he tears down the barriers that divide us all.

“Everyone has an identity. Mine just happens to be rarer than most”- Jack Saddleback-

In his wake, Jack Saddleback eliminates gender barriers. Jack is a Cree Two-Spirited Transgendered Gay Man. He is the first elected Transgender Student Union president of University of Saskatchewan and only the fourth Aboriginal person to hold that position.

Jack captivates his audience in sharing his message of Embracing Two Spirits, Conquering Mental Health, and Finding Ones Identity.

Jack has found many struggles not only from the world at large but from his own Native community. This has not stopped him from reaching new heights. He embraces life with an open mind and a child-like curiosity that helps push his own limits in the pursuit of happiness.

Jack brings a new way to understand gender identity and he embodies what gender equality should be.

Jack spent the first four years of his life on his home reservation of the Samson Cree Nation. Moving with his Family to Calgary, Alberta at the age of four didn't stop him from being instilled with Cree values which comes through in everything he does.

Artist, Speaker and lifelong learner, Jack possesses a powerful zest for life.